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Examples of digitizing done by Creative Connections Embroidery & Designs for other embroidery persons to stitch out.

Custom Digitizing - how it works...

 You send us an image or logo you would like to see in stitches, we ask a few questions, like what type of machine you have - commercial or home use, what size you want the finished design, what embroidery format you use and to please send us the clearest image you have of what you would like digitized.  If your design includes lettering, we will sometimes need to ask if you know the name of the font being used.   Once we have all that information, we're ready to send you an estimate and wait for acceptance. 
Our estimates are based on the complexity of the design, unlike a majority of the companies that offer custom digitizing we set ourselves apart by not basing our fees on stitch counts, but instead choose to base them on how complex of a design you are asking for this actually keeps the fees lower.  You should know, our minimum digitizing fee is $10.00 and our maximum is $150.00, we will digitize a single name in 1 size for $6.00.  So, if you are looking from something cheaper.. sorry can't help you, but remember you get what you pay for most of the time.  
We take great pride in our work, all digitizing fees include any "tweaking" or slight resizing after you have test stitched the design. There is an additional charge if any resizing increases or decreases the design to a smaller or larger hoop size. We also perform our own test stitch.